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Writing an Obituary

An obituary notice can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. It can include everything we have listed below, as well as an overview of your loved ones life, their passions and accomplishments. While there are costs involved in publishing an obituary, we can help you with newspapers locally, nationally, and internationally. 

  • An obituary is a tribute to your loved one’s life and is an opportunity to share a loved one’s memory with family, friends, and the community. The anecdotes you share will provide family and friends with a keepsake of memories.
  • Also, an obituary serves an announcement of your loved one’s death to their professional and military communities, clubs, and charity organizations.
  • Obituaries also provide your family and friends with the information they need to pay their respects, such as the location of services and/or where to send sympathy gifts, flowers, or donations. 

The contents of an obituary will vary depending on length. They include some or all of the following:

  • Announcement of Death
    • Your loved one's full name and nicknames if any
    • Age at Death
    • City of residence
    • Date and place of death
    • Cause of death (optional)
  • Details of Life and Personality - When gathering this information, include your loved ones passions and accomplishments.
  • Date and place of birth (optional)
  • Names of parents
  • Schools, friends, siblings
  • Education - High school, college, vocational
  • Military Service
  • Marriage or significant other
  • Children
  • Profession
  • Awards and recognition
  • Places of residency
  • Hobbies, sports, interests, recreation, activities enjoyed, affiliations and organizations
  • Survivors Listed by Kinship - You may also want to list family members who are pre-deceased, (optional).
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Pets if appropriate

  • Services
    • Date, time and place of service
    • Visitation information if applicable
    • Reception information if applicable
    • Date and place of death
    • Name of Funeral Home and phone number
  • Closing
    • Where to send flowers, sympathy cards, and donations
    • Short quotation, poem, or lyric that represents your loved one's personality or beliefs
    • A photograph of your loved one (additional fee, please ask for quote)

      Things to Consider when Printing an Obituary in a Newspaper

      • We recommend never listing the address of a private home in the newspaper
      • If costs are a concern, our families have the option of submitting a brief obituary notice in the newspaper that will direct readers to our online website where a complete obituary and photographs are posted.
      • Time the obituary to run a few days before services . Know the publication’s daily deadline so you know the obituary will run when you want it too.
      • Read some of the other obituaries printed by your selected publication to get an idea of what their obituaries generally read like. This will prevent the publication from making their own revisions to your loved one’s obituary.
      • Always proof read for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Also, have a friend or family member proof the obituary to limit the chance of errors.
      • Consider submitting the obituary to other publications where your loved may have lived previously.

      If you find yourself struggling with writing a love one’s obituary, please feel free to call us (662) 286-9500.